5 essential design ideas for exceptional content creation

Creating content that generates leads and attracts visitors to any website can be one of the greatest challenges marketers have to face nowadays. As the global pandemic hit the entire world, almost everything has shifted online. While this increased online activity has put a strain on networks and servers, more and more brands or companies begin to make their online presence known. It’s important to have design ideas so you can create exceptional content.

The power of social media is known in the marketing world. As people spend more time on social media platforms, the possibility of reaching them grows. This is important especially during these times when job fairs, parties, or other types of events are prohibited. And the only way to reach your target audience remains the online world.

Catching the attention of your audience

But what can you do to catch the attention of your audience? It is well known that the attention span of people nowadays is decreasing constantly, being at about 7 seconds. This means that you need to write a text so good, that after seven seconds of skimming the reader will click it and want to read more. Of course, marketing and catching the attention of your target audience can easily be customized depending on your goals and plans.

Besides content, many other factors could help you catch the attention of your audience. Catching it might not be the most difficult thing to do. Maintaining it could be. However, it is a beautiful mix and combination of good writing skills, clarity, originality, visuals, graphics, videos, GIFs, your tone of voice, and many more that could maintain the attention of your readers.

Many people think that as a marketer or content creator, you should grab your phone and laptop and start writing whatever goes in your mind. And then, voila! Your first draft does not need any editing and you are ready to post it. But this is too good to be true. Content creators that want to create exceptional pieces of text often spend hours pouring the best ideas on paper and polishing them. Reaching your audience and showing your vulnerabilities is not something comfortable for many people. There are content creators who would prefer to limit their interactions and let people get to know them by reading their content.

5 design ideas for your content

The online world yearns for genuine and authentic interaction. It is about the message you want to send and the face you want to show. No matter if you are promoting a brand or just your blog, the way you do it can help you reach your audience and maintain its attention. Moreover, you could aim to make them loyal customers or readers that come back to you with enthusiasm.

So, what design ideas could you use for exceptional content creation? Here are five essential ideas you should not miss.

1. Get to know your audience

To create exceptional content, you firstly need to get to know your audience. If you have already set your goals, then it may seem that you know what to do. But what you write is very important because it can help you achieve your goals. Probably, one of your goals is to make your content known to a larger pool of people and start building a community around it. But to catch and maintain the attention of your prospective audience, you need to come with something different.

People are tired of false and rigid interactions on social media with brands or content creators. They want genuine and authentic stories and content. Moreover, they want to find answers to their questions or needs. And to offer them this, you need to get to know your audience. How can you better do this? By looking into the demographics of your target audience, what it likes and dislikes, what is looking for, or its expectations from content creators. To make your content known to the general public, you need to create an exceptional one that gets distributed across all social media channels. People will share what they resonate with. Your first step in order to do this is to get to know your audience and understand its needs.

2. Aim to create original content

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating content is that the algorithms of Google and other social media platforms are changing constantly. If a few decades ago you could find on Google many essays and sites with copied information, now this has changed. Google’s algorithms are constantly updated and changed and they do not tolerate any more copied content. This means that when people will search for something, an article on your blog may come up in the first results if it has original content. Creating content is not so easy and dreamy as it may seem and many writers experience writer’s block. Just copying what another writer has written and worked on is not right, nor fair.

Moreover, people are sick of articles that present the same ideas. You may borrow some ideas that you present by using other words, This is also not as original as you may think. It may be difficult to create original content when it seems that people are only looking for the same things. Creating original content is a great idea that will help you add something more to your texts.

Many businesses and brands are looking for cheap writers to just create some articles for their blog. And then, they wonder why these articles have not generated any leads or enlarged the audience base. This is because great content requires great effort. Not all writers you could find on the work market are suited for your goals.

3. A strong headline and hook

We all know that the inboxes of some of us are piling up with newsletters and other types of emails. The same happens with our social media feeds. There is so much information that you need to select the one worth reading. And how can you do this as a writer?

Well, if you come to think about it, there are a few factors that influence how many people will click your link and read the entire article. The headline is the first thing people will read. It is one of the variables that can make them want to read more. However, many news agencies have gone to extremes with creating sensational headlines to grow the number of people who clicked that article. But it is so often the case when they promise to offer helpful information and you find that there is nothing impressive.

Besides your headline, the first paragraph of your text is the one where you should introduce a hook. Many types of hooks can make the reader continue reading, so choose the one right for you and your topic. A hook helps you maintain the attention of the reader at least at first when it is so difficult to catch their attention.

4. Do your research

Whenever you choose to present a complex or conflicting topic, it is advisable to do your research prior to starting writing. Also, before you actually start, you could think about the sources for your information and if they align with your mission, vision, and goals. One of the key elements when aiming to create exceptional content is research. The image damage inaccurate information can do depends on who you write your content for. But if you need, for example, to create a blog post for the company you are working at and inform from sources that are not credible, one of the readers might point out. And this is not the worst thing that can happen. It could be read by hundreds of people who trust your brand. And presenting inaccurate information can erode this trust.

5. Use visual elements

Besides all the rules for formatting your content, you could enhance it by adding visuals. These can take any form that is suited for your topic and helps you explain some ideas better. Your visuals can be videos, GIFs, pictures, graphs, or any other graphic designed content. Choosing to repeat some of the information you want to send in your visuals will help your target audience understand the key ideas better. Humans are naturally drawn to colorful, eye-candy, and flashy things. If you create some amazing visuals, then you can convey your message more effectively.

Design ideas for your content

Exceptional content creation is not something that happens overnight. It is already known that you need creativity and rich imagination to build awesome content. But to create content that attracts your target audience requires more effort and resources from you. No matter if you want to create content for your blog or the one of a brand, you need to follow these principles that will boost your content. Always add a visual element that is representative of your topic. If you think more visuals would help you convey the message better, there is no one to stop you. But make sure you do not fall into the other extreme.

Before starting writing, it is essential to get to know your audience so that you can answer its needs and meet its expectations. Do your research and link only to high authoritative sources. Create original content and write a strong headline and hook. The world is your oyster, you only need to unleash your creativity and use these essential design ideas for exceptional content creation.

This guest blog post was written by Emma Coffinet. She is a content creator for websites, blogs, articles, white papers, and social media platforms. She writes for a paper writing service. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.