How to attract Millennial customers with digital marketing [infographic]

If you’re a digital marketer trying to reach a millennial audience, you’re in luck. Millennials grew up with the internet at their fingertips. They are one of the most technologically adept generations, making them an excellent target for digital marketing strategy. Find out how to attract Millennial customers with digital marketing.

Like with any other target market, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Millennial spending habits. This will help you best cater and deliver your product offerings to this cohort.

Catering digital marketing to Millennials

With an estimated 86% of Millennials being digital buyers, digital marketing is an essential tool for reaching Millennial markets. That said, it has to be done strategically. When crafting your digital marketing strategy, follow the best practices for engaging a Millennial audience.

Publicize ethical activity

Millennials tend to be willing to spend more money on products and services when they perceive will have a positive impact on society. It’s important to remain honest and transparent. Place an emphasis on the publicity of your good deeds will likely attract Millennial customers. Whether your company uses ethical labor practices, sustainable production methods, or eco-friendly packaging, show them you care about corporate social responsibility.

Use multiple marketing formats

Social media image content is practical when attempting to reach Millennial consumers. However, don’t exclusively rely on this format for your marketing efforts. Rather, diversify your advertising mix using blog posts, video content, and photo content. The majority of Millennials state that they learn about brands through video-based content at once per month.

Offer free delivery

Nearly half of the population of Millennials agree that free delivery can be a game-changer in their decision to make a purchase. Clearly present how much the shopper will save to entice them to checkout. This is great for quickly selling products on clearance.

You may offer the perfect product for Millennials. However, if you don’t know how to market it to them, you could miss out on sales. The next time you prepare a targeted marketing campaign for this generational cohort, remember to keep these tips in mind.

This infographic was created by Possible Finance.