Take the next step in your marketing career by considering these key things

Looking to make the next step in your marketing career? Whether you’re a junior hire or seasoned campaign manager, as marketers we’re always looking for a new challenge. But competition for positions in marketing is intense. The process only gets tougher as the roles get more senior.

In this article, we outline the following considerations you should take when making your next step in your marketing career:

  • Think about what area of marketing you want to focus on
  • Learn how to negotiate salary and work perks
  • Concentrate on being successful in your current role

Read on as we explore these considerations to focus your curiosity and help map out your marketing journey.

Consider what area of marketing you want to focus on

Marketing is a fascinating and broad industry brimming with exciting opportunities,. However, you can only take the next big step when you know what direction you’re heading. Otherwise, you’ll be bouncing around roles like The Mad Hatter in Tulgey Wood — a forest that never seems to end.

When you picture your marketing career what do you see — a person heading up campaigns? Or maybe someone in the engine room creating amazing content?

The branches of marketing are vast and unending. Here are just a few possible options:

  • Email marketing: outreaching and drumming up business for your organization.
  • Analysis and growth: crafting strategy with raw data.
  • Brand management: controlling brand voice and public image.
  • Social media marketing: overseeing social strategy and engaging online communities.
  • Copywriting: creating content and telling the brand story.

When taking the next step in your marketing career you must first consider what direction you want to head. To do this you must align your skills and expertise with where you want to be. There is no steadfast blueprint to a successful career trajectory (not in marketing or any other industry). However, knowing where you want to go is an important step in making the right decision for yourself.

Learn how to negotiate salary and work perks

Landed an interview for the perfect next step? Whether your current employers are offering a promotion or you’ve been headhunted by a successful client, you have to ensure you’re getting the most value from this career move. One way to maximize the opportunity is by negotiating a fair improvement on your current wage. This is not only for the clear financial benefits but also as a signifier for how far you’ve come in your career. To negotiate salary The Guardian says you must:

  • Learn timing is important: make sure your request isn’t disruptive.
  • Understand your value: research how much people in similar roles earn.
  • Know what you’re asking for: be clear why a certain number is important to you.

You can also go beyond pay by asking for work perks as an alternative. Rewards like company cares are an integral part of your next step. They help balance your career and make you feel more rewarded in your role. But not all businesses will see it that way. To get what you’re asking for you must first build a case grown from the commercial realities of marketing.

For example, in your new role, you might be expected to commit to long commutes without support from the business, likely because the company (or agency) in question sees little value in footing the bill. However, by pitching sensible solutions such as fuel cards or allowances you can come to a happy medium where both parties reap the benefits of these perks. This is because the right fuel card (or allowance) makes company cars more affordable for the business and provide a logical solution to running costs. It also makes your role feel that bit more rewarding.

The art of negotiation in any job interview is about maximizing your reward by showing the business tangible value. This happens by excelling in your role or coming up with a mutually beneficial solution.

Concentrate on being successful in your current role

Are you a dreamer? Often we think about taking the next step in life without first establishing a tight grip on what we already have. To get ahead in marketing you must first focus on the job you’re already being paid for. By knocking your current role out of the park you impress your peers and showcase the necessary skills for a big promotion or new opportunity.

There is nothing quite like having friends and professional connections at your side to further your cause. After all, word of mouth travels all over the marketing world. Your hard work on a specific campaign demonstrates your value, putting you firmly in the minds of peers, managers, and clients when opportunities appear.

Plus, being able to demonstrate the value you’re already producing puts you in an enviable negotiation position. It makes you far more appealing for companies searching for a talented marketer like yourself.

The next step in your marketing career

In marketing, there is no such thing as the perfect next step. Your wants, needs, and desires evolve throughout your career. Focus instead on setting yourself up for success by making informed, logical decisions when the time feels right. From considering the area of marketing you want to explore to knowing your value and successfully articulating why you deserve it. These are the key things to consider when looking to make the next step in your marketing career.

This guest blog post was written by Elliot Mark. He is a senior copywriter at Ecommerce Platforms.