Fastest growing businesses you can start virtually [inforaphic]

The allure of having the autonomy to start your own business is only strengthened by the appeal of being able to do it virtually, If you have the entrepreneur bug, how can you successfully launch your remote small business and ensure success?

To answer that question, LegalZoom reviewed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. It analyzed some of the most profitable small business ideas.

Use your expertise to launch a remote business

While some of the most in-demand fields will need previous expertise or training, many professionals looking to gain independence from the corporate world. They can put their past experience to use and feel confident launching a successful small business. 

Here are three of the fastest growing businesses you can launch remotely:

  • Virtual tutoring: Although the pandemic forced a swift transition to online learning, virtual tutoring is expected to grow 8.4% by 2027. Even outside of the unique circumstances. This growth comes from a combination of better internet access and increased emphasis on scholarly achievement outside of the classroom.
  • Virtual event planning: As demand for in person and virtual events quickly rises, meeting, convention, and event planners demand is expected to increase 8% by 2029. In person events and large gatherings will be safe in the near future. But that does not mean that virtual events will go away entirely. In fact many conferences are going virtual or are testing hybrid models.
  • Online consulting: Businesses often need specialized expertise for specific, complex challenges, so they typically turn to contract analysts to help. Analysts roles are expected to grow much faster than average. The outlook for market research analysts is projected to grow 18%. The outlook for management analysts is projected to grow 11% by 2029. 

Fastest growing businesses with big potential

First consider your past experience and passions, then continued education opportunities, and finally what industries and roles show promising growth. 

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