9 ways entrepreneurs can use digital marketing to get their book noticed

In 2010, Google reported that there were almost 130 million books in existence. With all that competition, it’s easy to see how your book can disappear into a metaphorical black hole. However, all is not lost. In a world where people are increasingly online, the right digital marketing strategies can help your book stand out so that it gets the exposure it deserves. In this post, we’ll cover nine ways entrepreneurs can use digital marketing to get their book noticed, even without having millions of followers on Instagram.

How to get your book noticed by using digital marketing

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The beauty of this tip is you just have to spend a few minutes setting it up. After that, any time you send an email, the signature will promote your book without you having to do anything.

2. Feature the book in the banners for your social media profiles

This is another no-maintenance way to increase awareness about your book. You can create banner-styles covers for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For an easy way to create graphics, use Canva or outsource the task to a freelance designer on a site such as Fiverr. You can also add links to the book’s purchase page in your social media profile descriptions.

3. Use social media to individually message friends, family, and contacts and ask them to buy, promote, or review the book

Humans love to help other humans, particularly if they have a personal connection with them. Social media is a simple way to get in touch with people you know and ask them to get the word out about your book. It’s especially important to ask them to review your book on Amazon, as good reviews give potential buyers the confidence to purchase. Early reviews also help push the book up in the Amazon rankings. To make sure your connections are ready to review the book as soon as it comes out, you can send them a digital copy beforehand.

4. Let your email list know the book is launching

Your email list has already agreed to hear from you, so of course they want to know when you’re launching a book. Let them know early so they can get excited about it. If you have a very engaged email list, ask subscribers to be part of your book launch team and send them the digital copy in the pre-launch phase.

If you don’t have an email list yet, start one. Email marketing is a more reliable way to connect with your audience than social media because social media platforms can remove you at any time. Also, social media platforms don’t show your posts to your entire audience because they want to encourage you to pay to reach your followers.

5. Share the book on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

In addition to posting about your book before and during your launch, you can schedule future posts to go out automatically. This way people will keep hearing about your book regularly. As you create content for social media, use hashtags related to your book topic. The more specific you are with these tags, the easier it’ll be for your book to find its intended audience.

6. Make videos about topics in the book and share them on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok

Video marketing is a great way to advertise because it’s such an engaging medium and gets people to know, like, and trust you. You could make a video of yourself reading an excerpt from the book or interviewing someone in your field about the book. You could also create videos for each chapter with reviews and tips related to that topic.

7. Write blog posts about the book and share them on your website or as guest posts on other people’s websites

The potential to create spin-off blog articles about the book is unlimited. You could blog about individual chapters of the book or what you learned while writing or launching it. You could also write case studies about people who have used the book to solve problems in their life or business. Many business owners are constantly looking for fresh content to add to their website. This presents a great opportunity for you to write guest posts about your book.

8. Use paid advertising like Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a popular way to promote books because you can reach a wide audience quickly. To profit from it, you could even create a funnel and offer done-for-you services or online courses once people have purchased the book.

9. Use interactive marketing techniques such as a quiz

A quiz is a fun way to get people invested in your book. An excellent example is Gretchen Rubin’s quiz for her book, The Four Tendencies. More than 3 million people have taken the 10-minute assessment, which reveals whether each person is an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel. After the quiz, Gretchen invites the quiz taker to buy the book so they can learn more about these personality types.

Use digital marketing to get your book noticed

We hope these tips help you get your book out to the people who need to read it and you learned how to use digital marketing to get your book noticed.

This guest blog post was written by Taylor Payne, a marketing specialist at Scribe Media.