10 common landing page mistakes and how to fix them

A landing page is a section of a website that is designed to get traffic from various sources and prompts users to take some sort of action. Generally, there are two types of landing pages. Click-through landing pages (aka click through to another page) and lead generation landing pages (capture user data such as a name and email address).

By optimizing your landing pages, you can boost the conversion rate of nearly any digital marketing campaign you are running, improve your overall digital marketing strategy and generate more leads.

10 landing page mistakes and how to avoid them

There are some common landing pages mistakes that people make and there are some important ways to fix them.

10 common mistakes

1. Unclear working or unfocused action

2. No sense of urgency, ease, or value

3. Doesn’t set expectations

4. Call to action gets lost in a sea of content

5. Buttons are too small

6. Too many call-to-action buttons are on one page

7. Lack of hierarchy with call-to-action buttons

8. No visuals supporting call to actions

9. Not enough whitespace

10. Call to action only on your website homepage

10 fixes to landing page mistakes

There are 10 remedies you should do to fix your ineffective and unsuccessful landing pages that you can take today.

10 things you should do with landing pages

1. Use simple, clear language

2. State the value of taking the action

3. Manage expectations

4. Make them big and bold

5. Over deliver

6. Keep it simple with one call-to-action

7. Keep your call to actions clean

8. Use compelling visuals that work with the copy

9. Use whitespace well

10. Main call to action on every website page

What are your landing page tips?

Are there some landing page tips you would add to this list? What worked or didn’t work for your landing pages? Are their certain landing pages mistakes you see when you are checking out the competition or visiting other company’s landing pages?