How social media can improve your SEO [infographic]

How do social media and search engine optimization (SEO) work together? There has been no clear consensus in regards to how search engines such as Google ranks pages and how social media impacts those pages. However, there are some key benefits. Take advantage of social media to get more website traffic and more engagement with your website. This will in turn help you increase your chances of ranking higher on Google. Let’s dig deeper into how social media boosts your SEO today.

How to use social media to boost SEO

To provide insights into how social media can improve your SEO, Rank Active created this infographic below. It outlines important tips on how to use social media platforms to increase your SEO performance.

Here’s a quick overview of these tips:

  1. Driving referral traffic
  2. Advanced visibility
  3. More backlinks
  4. Better loyalty
  5. Higher conversion rates
  6. User insights

Check out the infographic below from Rank Active on how you can use social media can improve your SEO efforts.

This infographic was created by Rank Active.