10+ tools and strategies for content syndication

An effective strategy of content marketing that has got its place high in the market is content syndication. Content syndication power up any content to reach a much wider audience with lightning speed. With brand awareness as one of the many benefits on the plate, it draws massive organic traffic and potential leads to your online business. For a detailed view on this topic, let us dive into what content syndication is and what it means.

Content syndication is the process of posting your content once published somewhere on any third-party website to get the attention of more and more people. With 2 million blog posts written daily, content syndication enhances the chances of your content staying one step ahead of your competitors.

You can syndicate more than blogs and articles and improve your search engine optimization (SEO). You can also syndicate podcasts, eBooks, webinars, whitepapers, or infographics. Therefore, your content strategy should enhance the performance of your website. This low-cost strategy won’t cost you much but only some tools and strategies to begin with.

Content syndication tools and strategies

To get you started, here are some tools and strategies needed to get your content syndication strategy journey started.


Co-Marketing is the joint effort of two organizations for a co-marked offer to get a mutual benefit. You can curate any piece of content which works with your crowd (for instance, digital book, white paper, examination, reports, or some other gated content). Both organizations share the subsequent leads. This methodology will help you access the crowd of the other organization and excel your website’s SEO game. Usually, you would have to pay an SEO agency some amount to perform SEO for you.

Partner content on various networks and channels

You can also choose to cooperate with a content partnership organization to promote or push marked content on explicit locales. It is a paid assistance, and a portion of the mainstream partnership networks incorporate Outbrain, Zemanta, and Taboola.

Medium is another mainstream new writing for a blog stage that permits clients to make profiles, distribute articles on any point, and even make distributions for clients to follow. It offers organizations another visual stage to coordinate their customer’s content free of charge or produce an effective content marketing plan.

Press Release

Did you say what? Listen to us! The public statement, a news-style composed content, is by and circulated mainly to numerous news sources. It works best in the case if you have dispatched an item or has the most recent update (or news piece) which your crowd is keen on. You can streamline official statements by including join backs or connections to a relevant greeting page where you gather guest data.

Check out the below-given post to utilize some tips and tricks before you send out a press release.

Blog and websites

Try not to ignore platforms that permit you to re-distribute content. Sites to coordinate content pieces incorporate sites like Scribd and Hubpages, which allow anybody to begin their blog on the webpage. Make one and repost quality content from your blog. Other than this, you can likewise connect with editors of sites that organize the content. For instance, organizations like Mashable, The Examiner, Huffington Post, and Business 2 Community invite content entries. Thinking about the notoriety of these locales, it is self-evident that they pick the best content to coordinate.

Guarantee that you have perused rules, your content resounds with their crowd, and it is high caliber. Notwithstanding, you will confront a ton of dismissals. Yet, please do not allow it to put you down. This sort of content partnership requires building believability as a creator before you can pitch.


You must have staggered on Slideshare on many occasions when searching for applicable content. It is an extraordinarily well-known partnership stage. Once more, anyone can utilize Slideshare to transfer slideshows that guests can get to or download. All you require to accomplish for this stage is revamp your content and make it into a slideshow. Every individual who lands on your slideshow will see your marking on it and will connect your organization with well-informed, legitimate content.

How to Make Online Presentations (SlideShare + PowerPoint) - Envato Tuts+  Business Tutorials
Source: SlideShare

Earned Syndication

A few websites and media sources utilize partnered content as the foundation of their publication yield. As a content curator, you essentially need to contact the distribution and check whether they are keen on republishing your piece of content. This will, in turn, help you gain all the benefits of SEO from the same.

Social Syndication

The social partnership includes two organizations consenting to advance the other’s content on their separate web-based media channels. It is another direct strategy, as sharing via online Media requires little exertion, and most organizations have associations with friends and accomplices who will want to cross-advance.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles show up inside the Facebook application, where a person doesn’t need to depend on any outbound connection. Without much of a stretch, read any article inside the actual application. You need to present an appropriately arranged example to be affirmed by Facebook before they can start conveying using instant articles. When affirmed, distributers can coordinate instant articles through the Instant Articles application programming interface (API) or a protected RSS channel.

Bookmarking sites

Try not to belittle the force of bookmarking destinations like Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon. These websites center on conglomerating and ordering quality content. While partnering, these sites can be helpful to attract the crowd. These people groups exist to talk about content as opposed to devour it.

LinkedIn for content syndication

With more than 500 million professionals, LinkedIn is a great platform to utilize for content syndication. The below stats will clear your thoughts on how flourishing companies are adopting this strategy. You will be surprised to know that anyone can use the LinkedIn publisher. However, very few get featured on Pulse blogs that hit thousands of hits regularly. It significantly affects the content marketing pace of your online business.


RSS is about the partnership. With all things considered, it represents Really Simple Syndication. One of the quickest developing strategies for improving a site’s traffic and partnering content for marketing technology specialists is to present your RSS channel to the highest level RSS channel registries and web indexes. RSS channel is the most personal assortment of partnerships for bloggers. Notwithstanding the CMS stage you use, you have an RSS channel as a necessary part.

Triberr is a website where you can present your RSS channel. You can discover a rundown here. Keep in mind and your content will show up close by crafted by others. You won’t get a lot of website traffic because your content can get lost. But, on the off chance that you are submitting to various RSS destinations, your endeavors will rapidly add up, and you will see a substantial benefit in SEO.

Email marketing

Utilize your services and products with the help of email marketing. Apart from capturing the emails of your potential customers, it will also help you build your subscriber list. For a blogger, building a never-ending subscriber list should be the primary goal.

How to get started?

On your blog page, use an email signup form in the header, sidebar, or footer that may either pop up or slide while a visitor is reading. It is an effective way that instantly engages the reader to subscribe to your blog if they find your content engaging and valuable. Tools like Mailchimp and AWeber are some of the best to use for email marketing services.

Video Syndication

Digital media has switched from text-type content to video content and has shown positive results from the same. Video syndication means solid video distribution strategies that utilize video syndication platforms to interact with distribution partners. To generate good revenue, it is necessary to pairing an intelligent online video distribution plan with the right content syndication tools to monetize the video and show great results. The quantities of individuals exploring YouTube for searching for answers to their issues are numerous. Try not to pass up the chance to elevate your content to the large numbers of buyers who burn through billions of hours watching recordings on YouTube.

Audio Syndication

The content partnership rates with sound are very high. Soundcloud and iTunes are two main sites that permit content advertisers to share their content as webcasts. There will be countless of your crowd that would like to tune in to the data than peruse. For those, a good partnership is an ideal choice for content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Online media is a fundamental component of the present channel showcasing blend – and a significant segment of lead age, building mindfulness and supporting connections. In any case, without the correct devices to get to and convey convenient, applicable, and almost constant new content, your station accomplices web-based media endeavors can crash and burn.

You can become smart web-based media advertisers and compelling voices in advancing your answers and administrations with the correct partnership strategies. Social bookmarking destinations are brisk and straightforward approaches to create some additional reference traffic. While executing your customary social sharing arrangement, drop a connect button to your new blog entries on pertinent strings.

Additionally, by adequately utilizing online media locales like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to speak with expected purchasers, channel accomplices acquire the ability to assemble their image and lift their image mindfulness. For example, let us accept Facebook. For instance, it permits individuals to buy into your profile refreshes.

If you are uninformed of this, go to your Facebook profile, turn this element on, and begin building endorsers on Facebook today. Even though you are not permitted to sell things on your Facebook profile, you can unquestionably share connections to articles and the entirety of the other content belonging to your organization.

Q&A Forums

Numerous Q&A gatherings can be utilized to pull in a crowd of people for your site and partner your content. Quora is one of most well-known publicly-supported Q&A discussion websites. They are rapidly acquiring a foothold with organizations and advertisers for their ability to address crowds naturally while likewise gaining essential experiences into brands’ objective business sectors. It’s additionally an extraordinary method to coordinate your content. It can also start a discussion or present an inquiry pertinent to your content theme and incorporate an insightful depiction and connection to the content.

Market your content through this lesser-known strategy

The whole thought of content syndication is to drive more significant commitment with your content. It will help you drive website traffic and awareness for your brand or your key characters or items. Your content (website pages, blog entries, and recordings) can be put into a partner content. With these tools and strategies, you can begin to work on your plan and aim bigger for your business.

This guest blog article was written by Rajesh Bhimani, the founder at Skynet Technologies, a website design and development agency. He has 20 years of experience in the technology and marketing industries. You can connect with him on Twitter.