How to successfully boost website leads [infographic]

If your website is not generating leads, then: Houston, we have a problem. Are you looking for ways to generate more leads from your website? Do you want to grow your business from potential customers coming to your website? Do you want your customers and prospects to learn more about your products and services? Are you looking into creating an inbound marketing plan to attract more leads and boost website traffic?

How to successfully boost website leads

The team from Impact outlined the steps to make this happen. It’s important to create an inbound marketing plan to boost your website leads. It’s critical your company assigns a dedicated team. It is also important to define your goals, create buyer personas, and map customer journeys.

Here’s a quick summary of those 10 steps:

  • Educate yourself about inbound marketing
  • Assemble your inbound marketing team
  • Assess your current marketing efforts
  • Establish your marketing goals
  • Clearly define your buyer personas and journeys
  • Build your marketing game plan
  • Develop your launchpad website
  • Publish your content consistently
  • Promote your content
  • Evaluate your progress, report, and test

Create an inbound marketing plan to generate more than leads

Read this infographic below for more details about these 10 steps. Find out what elements to add to your website, the types of content to post, and how to create brand awareness via social media and email marketing.

This infographic was created by Impact.