How to improve your social media call to actions [infographic]

Are you looking to generate more engagement on social media? Do you want your social media followers to take more action? Do you want your social media posts to be more successful? Are you looking for feedback on your social media posts?

How to upgrade your social media call to actions

In this infographic below, Dog Eared Social put social media call to actions (CTAs) into different categories. The infographic below has the following categories:

  • Learn more such as use “read more” to successfully drive more traffic to your website
  • Share like “retweet/share if you think/feel/believe…” to reach new audiences on social media
  • Tell us what you think such as “tell us what you think in the comments below” to show your social media audience their opinions are valuable to you and you are listening to them
  • Take action like “share your voice if you…” to link to a broader campaign on social media or reference prominent media coverage about a certain topic

Check out the infographic below from Dog Eared Social to learn how you can increase engagement your social media channels. Encourage your visitors to take some sort of action. Your success on social media depends on it.

Social Media CTA Infographic compressed.jpg

This inforaphic was created by Dog Eared Social.