5 ways email marketing can help you build your brand

Email is in 2021 one of the most efficient communication platforms on the planet. Most significantly, it is still an area where businesses have a lot of room to expand. Email marketing may help you promote your brand, convert customers into loyal supporters, and establish yourself as a reliable authority.

It’s the most efficient way to raise awareness, attract attention, and convert leads. It enables you to segment your marketing content, reach out to individuals, and customize your message based on the recipient’s relationship with you.

That’s why simply sending an email to advertise a sale or send a newsletter isn’t even close to properly utilizing email marketing’s actual potential. However, the procedure takes time, and expecting results right away is unrealistic.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. This article provides specific ways to help you build your brand through email marketing.

What is the importance of branding?

Consumers are more inclined to trust and rely on a brand with a strong brand identity. Typically, a company’s brand identity entails displaying a consistent voice and content that fulfills the original objectives.

Creating a high-quality marketing plan can help you attract customers and make a positive first impression. These customers may remember your brand and become buyers in the future.

Utilizing efficient marketing tactics, such as email marketing, is one way to build your brand successfully. If you have no idea how to craft an email for your next campaign, several email template builders are online to make your life easier.

With email marketing, you can send some educational content and express your brand’s goals. Apart from that, It’s also an excellent strategy to include instructions to help potential customers understand your products or services.

Keep in mind that the tone of the content you send out should be consistent in every channel you choose to communicate and have your unique brand voice.

How to build your brand with email marketing

The success of a business is the result of the creation and promotion of an authentic brand’s voice. Through email marketing, you may develop your interaction with people and build your brand in various ways.

1. An effective welcome email series

Improving brand awareness among customers requires making a solid first impression. The welcome emails sent to new subscribers are the first touchpoint when it comes to emails.

Welcome emails are far more effective than regular emails. They receive four times the number of open rates and five times the number of clicks as typical marketing emails.

It’s good to provide information to help new users know what to expect from your brand. Adding an engaging tone to the welcome email typically leads to users wishing the same consistency from the brand’s offerings in the future.

Customers will be more likely to believe a company cares about their ideas if the welcome email is user-friendly and interactive. If you already have a sizable community, social following, or anything similar, you can use it to bolster your authority claim even more with some testimonials.

In these first emails, give your subscribers a general idea of what they can expect from future emails. To achieve maximum deliverability, try to keep your lists clean first. Verify email addresses on your email lists regularly to ensure that you only send emails to valid addresses.

Also, choose a welcome email template for your brand that helps you connect with new customers more meaningfully with a high-converting design. If users find the first message valuable, they are more inclined to trust and rely on the organization in the future.

2. Redirect subscribers to your landing page or blog

When it comes to email marketing, you must start with the end goal in mind. Before you begin writing your email, think about where you want your readers to go after they’ve finished reading it.

Your marketing funnel’s landing pages and blog are critical elements for your brand. When your subscribers click on the CTA in your email, you want them to go to these pages.

It would help if you utilized powerful words that inspire a sense of excitement while also recommending the next course of action for your consumers. Use action-oriented language in the CTA, such as “Subscribe Now” or “Find our templates here.”

The CTA must compel the readers to take action. Personalized CTAs can take things a step further, improving your readers’ trust in you by 202%.

When consumers can rapidly visit a brand’s blog or website to get relevant information, they are more likely to trust it. It’s easier to engage with customers and answer all their queries when you have easy access to critical information about your company.

You don’t have to direct all of your readers to your blog, though. If your company is mentioned in a magazine or other media, it can also be a fantastic place to refer customers.

Pro tip

The design of your landing page should match the design of your email. Always check to see if the aesthetics of your landing page match those of your email. Your subscribers will quickly associate the design with your company.

If the aesthetics and design of your email and landing page or blog differ from one another, visitors may feel they’ve gone somewhere else and will leave fast. Brand consistency is crucial for the long-term success of your brand. Research shows that the consistent presentation of a business can increase revenue by 33%.

3. Personalize your email content

According to statistics, 77% of marketers send tailored content to email subscribers. The majority of customers favor brands that communicate directly to them and provide content relevant to their needs.

Using a customer’s first name in your greeting might be as simple as that. Furthermore, you may send customized emails with graphics or videos to build a more solid relationship for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events.

You will get more conversions and referrals if the emotional connection is strong. Indeed, customized email content can portray your company as one that cares about its customers rather than just hitting sales targets.

In addition, personalizing the email content increases engagement. For example, Netflix sends this personalized copy at their onboarding emails: “[Subscriber’s name], Welcome to Netflix!”. To get more loyal subscribers, you can create a customized email that is equally intriguing and interactive.

Customers don’t buy products; they buy experiences. You have to show them that you’re interested in solving one of their problems to build a solid relationship and grow your brand organically.

4. Avoid promotional emails all the time

Your email marketing should highlight what you’ve accomplished and how well you know your business as a brand. Offering helpful tips, educational information, and even content that your audience requires will help you develop authority, which increases the value of your brand.

If your email delivers value, it’s likely to be shared with more people, spreading the word about your company. The problem is that most marketers use email marketing as a channel to promote their product or service solely.

Customers dislike receiving emails that promote items or services regularly. This might end up having the opposite impact, causing them to lose interest in your brand. When you do send such an email, make sure to target people who have expressed an interest.

This can help streamline your lead generation efforts and help you create a better customer experience. Looking at a marketing funnel, we see four stages: awareness, interest, desire, and action.

When building your brand, you must understand that you need to provide as much value as possible in the first stage. In the second and third stages, focus on portraying how your product or service will make a difference in your customers’ lives and add teasers of promotional content.

Finally, when you understand that a subscriber is at the fourth stage, focus on crafting an email with a solid call to action to encourage conversion. As you can see, promotional emails are only a fraction of the total emails you will need to send.

Comparing the strategy above with other organizations that constantly bombard consumers with sales pitches via email, you have a higher possibility of converting your leads into loyal clients.

When a generic product promotion email becomes personalized, the customer will have a better customer experience, which helps your brand grow even more.

5. Listen to your audience

Customers are more prone to connect with brands as the internet and social media have grown in popularity. Tagging a brand on social media or entering a giveaway are examples of this.

Encourage your email subscribers to interact and respond to your emails to capitalize on this impulse. You can accomplish this by simply including a message at the bottom of your email urging them to react and share their thoughts or experiences on a specific topic.

While this method may not be viable for large corporations, it is worth experimenting with your customer base if you are starting now. The vast majority of your email list will never respond. However, those who do may initiate helpful discussions in which you may learn more about their pain points and your product.

Send them an email encouraging them to contact you with questions. Use email automation to send automated emails encouraging them to share photos using your product or service and offer to tag them on social media or give them a discount.

Allow your customers to participate in the brand experience. They may even become your ambassadors as a result of this. Again, the premise is that if you serve your customers well, they will return the favor.

The takeaway

You can utilize email marketing to establish your brand, attract loyal customers, and increase revenue if you have a solid marketing strategy. It’s critical to remember that the end-users and their needs are the most crucial elements.

As a result, tailor your email campaigns to your target audience’s preferred content and tone. You can get high CTRs by using the tactics discussed previously and writing high-quality, informative, and engaging emails.

To grab attention and maintain loyalty, you should send the correct emails at the right time. Create an appropriate welcome email, plan out what you’ll send in subsequent emails, and be consistent.

Last but not least, give your emails a personal touch by sharing stories about your organization. Encourage a discussion to increase engagement. Your brand will undoubtedly become stronger as a result of all of this.

And a strong brand excels at one thing: increasing sales.

This guest blog post was written by Alex Souchoroukof, a writer for Moosend. When he is not creating digital marketing content for blogs, you will find him traveling. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.