12 social media mistakes you should avoid [infographic]

It’s easy to make social media mistakes online. Even if you’ve been on social media for a while, you should ensure you don’t cause problems for your business and your personal brand. Your audience can forgive a little mistake, but some easy-to-avoid errors are unforgivable. They don’t make you look good and social media is all about making a good first impression.

Social media mistakes hurt your digital reputation

Social media mistakes can damage your online reputation, make you lose social media followers, and undermine your overall digital marketing efforts. In your quest to build an active and engaging social media presence, you should avoid these social media errors so you can thrive on social media.

Some of the mistakes include:

  • Only sharing content about your company
  • Ignoring your audience’s needs and expectations
  • Failing to listen to your customers
  • Creating a sales-focused social media presence with no personality
  • Making spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Posting irresponsible or insensitive content
  • Too many hashtags
  • Failing to promote two-way conversations with customers

This infographic below from Red Website Design looks at the most common and avoidable social media mistakes that you should avoid making this year.

This infographic was created by Red Website Design.