Lead generation: what’s the difference between inbound and outbound? [infographic]

Lead generation is a vital step for every company. What’s the difference between inbound and outbound strategies? Are you using the right approach for your lead generation efforts? Are you maximizing lead generation in your digital marketing?

Picking the right strategies and tactics makes all the difference between success and failure for your digital marketing.

This infographic below provides a visual comparison of the benefits of inbound and outbound strategies. In addition, you’ll understand the skills and best tactics for when to use inbound approach compared to when to use outbound approach. Furthermore, you’ll get the definition of each approach and some fast facts about each technique. You’ll also see what the cost breakdown and the skills for each one.

Most companies use a combination of both lead generation approaches. By picking the right one for your audience, you can better connect with them and drive better results. Also, it’s important to know your goals and which approach will drive the best results so you can generate the most leads from digital marketing.

What’s the difference between inbound vs. outbound lead generation?

The team at Spiralytics gives an overview of inbound lead generation versus outbound lead generation tactics. Learn how each approach can be implemented within the framework of your digital marketing plan. Discover the pros and cons of each lead generation approach. This will help you improve your digital marketing planning and strategy. Read the infographic below to find out the difference.

This infographic was created by Spiralytics.