How to design infographics specifically to get backlinks [infographic]

Infographics are a unique way to present a large amount of information in an organized and visually appealing way. They combine text, graphics, and design to make infographics more attractive to read and share.

Infographics a great way to showcase your brand.

Infographics are versatile and can go viral. People love to share infographics. This helps you increase website traffic and create backlinks. Infographics are an attractive option in addition to traditional marketing and manual link building.

Some webmasters are not very tolerant of branded content. Ensure you follow the 80/20 rule, where you include your brand in only 20% of the design and text.

Focus on sharable content that adds value or brings awareness. Follow your competitors and look at what they are sharing. Check the visuals, tone, and language they use and go to their social media to see how their audience reacts to this content.

When you design infographics, always begin with an outline. Think of the topic, the narrative, and the takeaways you want your audience to have. It would be helpful if you opt for less copy and try not to make the graphic excessively long.

Create a simple wireframe and give each element and text room to breathe. A cramped design can drive away your audience. Use your primary brand colors in the design and add complementary colors.

Stay away from overly complex fonts that might affect readability. Finally, include an embedded code below the graphic.

How to design infographics

To increase the chances of your infographic being seen and read, it’s best to include engaging content along with the infographic. Keep webmasters and potential customers in mind to maximize your infographic’s ability to create backlinks. Read this infographic below to learn more about how to design infographics.

This infographic was created by New Reach Marketing.