18 magical words to help you influence buying decisions [infographic]

Are you looking for new ways to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy? Your brand messages are important  so it boils down to the words you use or don’t use. Emotions influence what we buy and with specific words, you can trigger action and improve your target audience’s response.

The smart words that make money

The words you choose paint a picture of what you want your current and future customers to see.

By improving your written words, you can better connect with your audience by grabbing their attention, playing on their curiosities, and convincing your brand is worth the money.

The team from Brafton has uncovered 18 magical words and terms that you should try to see if it encourages and influences buying decisions.

Here are some “money” words that can encourage your audience to buy:


Using the word introducing in content provides your audience with a sense that there is something fresh and exciting to discover.


People love stories so by using the word imagine in your content helps your audience to visualize what they are going to read next. Painting a vision is a powerful selling tool.


You are making a bold promise with the word guaranteed. If you feel comfortable and confident with using it, you can reassure people your brand is trustworthy, authentic, and worth the investment.


We all want something. The get action word prepares them receive something of value.


Yes, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is something people don’t want. They want to be part of what others are doing. Using the word limited inspires others that you want to act now so you don’t miss out.


The word complimentary (not complementary with an “e” which means emphasize the qualities of each other or another) is essentially a synonym or a better way of saying free and it sounds better.


Everyone is looking for value and to make sure what they are buying is worthwhile.


The word because is effective is provides reasons why you should take an action or do something. To spend money with you, you have to give them reasons why they should.


Making your product or service available to only a select group of people can have others wanting to be a part of this group. The exclusive group will also feel good about specifically being chosen from the crowd.


Your target audience is the “star of the show” so make them feel so and make it about them. Why should they want to buy what you are offering? What’s in it for them?

If you are curious about all the words that make people spend money, please take a look at the full infographic below.

Words That Make People Spend Infographic compressed.png

The infographic was created by Brafton.