How to grow customer loyalty with packaging [infographic]

Are you looking to build better relationships with your customers? Want to increase sales? Do you want repeat customers? Think about increasing your customer loyalty with packaging.

Here’s the truth: More than 2 billion people shop online, which probably includes a large percentage of your audience.

In fact, the number is only growing. When these individuals order something from your website, the package you end up sending is a golden opportunity to make a meaningful connection.

Will their order be generic and forgettable, or will it capture their attention and make an impact?

Here are a few examples of how outstanding order packaging could be the key to building better relationships with your audience.

Differentiating you from the competition

If people are ordering from your website, they’re ordering from other places online, too. This means they’re used to receiving brown boxes and generic packing slips. What if your packages were different? When you customize your boxes, you make strong impressions with every order. Clear branding heightens the excitement of receiving an order and creates a positive connection with your company.

Making a personal connection

You want to wow your customers and increase their satisfaction with their business? Try including a handwritten note in the packages you send. Simply saying “thanks” goes a long way toward making a customer feel like you care — and feeling like you care makes shoppers more likely to keep buying from you.

Encouraging repeat sales

A great way to boost sales is to take advantage of the inherent marketing opportunity packages offer. Why not include a discount code or coupon for the customer’s next purchase, for example? Throw in some free samples that let shoppers see for themselves what makes your products distinct. Look for opportunities to incentivize repeat purchases, and build loyal customers with your online orders.

How to create customer loyalty with packaging

Interested in learning more about the relationship between design and your approach to packaging? Take a look at the attached resource, which lists key ways to create loyal e-commerce customers with packaging.

This infographic was created by Chicago Tag and Label.