The importance of video marketing for small businesses

The Internet is big. In the sea of advertising and multimedia content, digital marketers need a means for elevating their visibility. One of the most essential tools in the toolkit of any small business breaking into digital marketing is video.

For small businesses and startups, video marketing plays an important role. This is evidenced by the fact that 92% of marketers value video as an essential element of their strategies.

But you may be asking, why video?

Many factors make video marketing a value driver for small businesses. Explore these factors, types of video content, and easy ways to get started with video here. The success of your startup advertising efforts may hinge on these tips.

Why is video marketing essential?

Video marketing stands unique among the various ways you can produce advertising content and rise above the clutter. That’s because video taps into more of our senses and engages our brains in ways that many other content types simply don’t.

Video content not only makes it easier for consumers to take in a lot of information at once but it also helps them remember that information. How? Our brains are wired for visual processing above all. Here are some of the facts according to science:

  • Visual content is stored in the “long-term memory” area of the brain, making video easier to recall.
  • Visuals are processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Visuals make up 90% of all information processed by the brain.

As you can see, video is a powerful tool for making digital marketing meaningful. Small businesses increasingly recognize this and use this medium to produce more engaging content.

The modern deluge of ads, paired with our increasing reliance on mobile technologies, has shortened consumer attention spans down to approximately 8 seconds. Facing this reality, marketers have to find ways to convey the information they want to express in a short amount of time. Video is perfect for this.

However, the range of video content you can produce is vast. For greater visibility for your fledgling business, narrow down the right content for your particular business model.

Video content for small businesses

To start, explore the kinds of videos you can produce as a startup. The type of content you create will impact your ability to sell your business on social platforms. From informing audiences about your industry and products to sharing customer testimonials, explore these options for video content in your own digital marketing efforts.

Instructional videos

One of the best ways to build a trustworthy and knowledgeable reputation as a small business is to put out instructional and educational videos regarding your products and services, as well as industry updates.

Instructional content can vary from how-tos to the latest data analysis related to industry trends. These videos are perfect for establishing your company as an expert in the field. For any small business, earning such a reputation can quickly elevate traffic and establish a returning audience.

Branding videos

Additionally, branding videos can go a long way towards establishing a company image and culture that attracts customers. This content can be as simple as showcasing an employee event or charitable work — anything to express your business’s mission and values.

From here, everything from product demos to employee interviews can help highlight your commitment to the customer and their values. Apple is one prominent example of branding done right, and video content has helped cultivate that image. While you don’t have to go as big as the Justin Long/John Hodgeman “Mac vs. PC” campaign, establishing a carefully crafted brand image through video like this can cultivate a loyal customer base.

Testimonial videos

Finally, testimonials are where you should turn to establish a greater sense of trust in your emerging venture. With 72% of consumers reporting that testimonials enhance their confidence in a company, you don’t want to neglect this area of digital marketing.

Testimonials showcase the positive experiences some of your actual customers have had with your products and services. These reviews set you apart as a company to trust in a crowded digital marketplace. What better way to inspire customer loyalty?

Easy ways to get start with video marketing

Now that you have some more ideas for video marketing content and why it matters, it’s time to get started. Video marketing might seem daunting for a marketer new to the process. However, digital tools and online resources abound to help you.

These tips will help you:

  1. Watch competitor videos. Examining what others in the industry are putting out allows you to elevate your content better while filling niches. Begin with a market comparison, then explore how you can improve.
  1. Integrate data-driven insights. Use the data you collect regarding customer demographics and behaviors to best craft video content relevant to them.
  1. Find the right tools. Even if you don’t have the budget to hire a video editor, digital tools make it possible even for amateurs to make quality videos. You can even find free video editors that make it possible to edit content from a mobile device.
  1. Tell a good story. This includes using hooks and narratives to engage viewers better. Use your videos to tell stories that emphasize your brand value and identity.
  1. Integrate feedback. From data analysis to direct customer responses to videos, pay attention to feedback to improve your content.

You don’t have to be an expert videographer to hone quality video content. All you need is customer and competitor data, the right tools, and willingness to learn. Finding the right blend of video marketing content for your fledgling business may take trial and error, but doing so can drive value for your venture.

Driving value through video marketing

Video marketing is essential for emerging small businesses and startups in their quest for visibility, customer loyalty, and a growing revenue base. Because video sticks in our brains better, digital marketing professionals can use it to craft compelling ad content. From instructional to testimonial videos, use this medium to meet your audiences where they are.

Make video marketing easier on yourself with these tips. However, don’t forget the value of authenticity in your approach to making videos. Consumers tend to respond better to companies that prove their trustworthiness as a considerate brand. Enhance your reputation with video content crafted to your target audience specifically.

Then, reap the rewards of a strong, memorable digital marketing strategy.

This guest blog article was written by Noah Rue, a freelance writer who is fascinated with the world of search engine optimization, marketing, and social media.