7 reasons why content marketing is still king

Content marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing in today’s marketplace. Why? Because other forms of marketing such as influencer marketing or social media marketing require content marketing. Yes, content marketing is king.

Why content marketing is king

Here is a list of essential reasons of why content marketing is king.

1. Content marketing attracts subtle attention

Unlike other modes of digital presence, content has a subtle presence in a consumer’s mind, and sometimes without much effort, we can get into the psyche of the readers of our content. Demand generation is easier if you give consumers engaging articles to read. People like to research before making up their mind. When they are reading articles, they feel like they are in control of the situation, while in a subtle way, the brand has already put itself in their subconscious. But remember, as soon as you try to push your products or services in your content, they will start to ignore you.

2. Content marketing can take multiple forms

Businesses hire good content producers and let them be creative. They teach them their exact strategies for marketing.  When compelling content is developed, it can take many forms. From billboards to pop-up messages, the brands that create content can become a consistent player in digital marketing. The consistency is remembered by the audience. They immediately recognize a piece of good content.

3. Content marketing is SEO friendly

When search engines help you rank your website, their most important parameter is what your content says. If you have a well-organized content on your website, you can generate of good amount of leads. The better you use keywords to help people find you more easily, the higher you will rank by search engines. Search ranking is usually directly proportional to your sales.

4. Content marketing generates leads and sales

People are highly driven by reviews of reputed influencers and their reaction to latest products. Content marketing plays a vital role in brand awareness. You can partner with review websites to help you rank your products on their blogs. Platforms such as Quora can also be used for brand promotion with the help of good content writers. Articles generate leads and sales better than the generic methods of push marketing.

5. Content marketing adds value to your products and services

People don’t purchase product these days. They purchase knowledge and stories. For example, Apple has dug deeper into the pockets of consumer with each product they have launched. This happens with their strategy of selling the story of Steve Jobs and how they build influential products.  You can find a lot content on Apple and Steve Jobs so it is impossible to ignore them. That is how a brand dominates the market. Nobody can ignore you once there is a lot content to search about you. With some good content on your landing page, a customer can learn more about your products and services. It organically lets them stay on your page. They don’t perceive you as a marketer but as a teacher.

6. Content marketing helps build relationships

The moment when a brand recognizes the importance of customer retention, they are on the right path for long-term market presence. What happens when you build relationships with the help of content marketing, you succeed organically. As mentioned above, people buy stories. They buy the brands that are intent to grow them as individuals or recognize their needs with each product or service.

7. Content marketing is cost efficient

If you still doubt content marketing, think again. One of the cheapest available marketing techniques after social media is content marketing. It may cost you as low as $20 per month. You can hire content writers based on their experience and they can write about your products and services.

Why content marketing is king

Content writing is one of leaders of all marketing techniques available today and it has become a preferred source of marketing by new and old businesses. Content marketing is still one of parts of digital marketing in today’s marketplace.

This guest blog article was written by Manoj Kumar, a blogger and owner at LeadBloging. He blogs about search engine optimization, email marketing, customer relationship management, and marketing automation. Follow him on Twitter at manojn_official.