Powerful and proven keywords to add to your LinkedIn profile [infographic]

If you can show your ability to make things happen at work, you are more likely to land a new job quickly. To find a new job via LinkedIn, you should update your LinkedIn profile so your next opportunity finds you (not the other way around). How do you make that happen? One of the best ways is to include proven power words that make you a LinkedIn all-star.

Add power words to your LinkedIn profile

These power words or important keywords help you stand out from the crowd. They help you better communicate your value and improve your personal brand.

Make sure you include these power words are mentioned throughout your LinkedIn profile with increased density. The more density you have for certain search terms, the higher up in the search results your LinkedIn profile goes when human resources and recruiters are looking for people like you.

The density of your power words or keywords starts with your LinkedIn headline. Then it should become denser in the LinkedIn summary section. Then, finally, it becomes the densest in your LinkedIn experience section.

4 categories of power words

There are four main categories of power words (as you can see below):

1. Change with power words such as accelerated, advocated and built

2. Results with power words such as awarded, completed and decreased

3. People with power words such as brokered, coached and collaborated

4. Managerial with power words such as anticipated, avoided and controlled

Does your LinkedIn profile have these powerful and proven keywords?

Does your resume and LinkedIn profile have these successful power words? Check out this infographic below by Avid Careerist to learn the powerful and proven keywords you should include on your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

Power Words to Add to LinkedIn Infographic compressed.png

This infographic was created by Avid Careerist.