5 key indicators of a thriving and successful career

What does career successful career mean to you?

Career success is subjective. It means a different thing to you than it does to your colleagues. It depends on your values, life and career experiences, and your stage in life.

Career success begins by defining your purpose and your “north star.”

Where do you want to head with your career?

You’ll only be successful when you know what you want out of your career.

There are many things that help you define your career path such as mentors, career counselors, friends, and family. Defining what career success means may take some soul searching and will change over the course of your career.

For example, early in your career, success may be all about promotions, recognition, and proving yourself to others. In the middle of your career, it may be about financial stability, developing high-quality relationships, and focusing on healthy habits.

Later in your career, success may be about the quality of life such as less work travel and having a good work-life balance where you set your work hours.

5 signs you have a successful career

To help you understand where you are along your journey to career success, here are five signs your career is going well.

1. You have developed a lot of marketable skills and certifications

If you have skills and earned certifications, you are more successful than you realize. Your certifications tell employers and your professional peers you are qualified and take your career seriously.

Certifications help you market yourself, look great on your LinkedIn profile, and advance your career.

When you have marketable skills and certifications, you have built a foundation for long-term employment and can overcome any career setbacks or challenges.

These skills and certifications help you build on your strengths and help you become your best.

A successful career allows you to be proud of your accomplishments and position you in a way that shows the best and brightest part of you.

This is a sign of success. You can discover yourself along your journey because you have developed a lot of skills that show others you are successful.

2. Your days fly by

If you are in a job you love, the hours of the day will pass by quickly because you have meaning and purpose. This is a sign of personal career success.

People who are unsuccessful are filled with boredom every day and they count hours looking at the clock.

When you are dedicated to a job, time goes by quickly because you have a lot to do. You are excited to do your next project. You are enthusiast about waking up and checking off your to-do list.

3. Your colleagues will help you

When your work colleagues go out of their way to help you on a project or support your ideas at work, you are more successful than you think you are. 

Successful people build strong professional relationships.

When you have buy-in from people around you, you are going to be successful.

You are successful when you can persuade those around you. If your professional peers will help you and people want you on their team, you know are effective at your job and you are a talented, valuable person.

4. You say “no” to others and don’t feel bad about it

You have reached a point in your career where you are comfortable being uncomfortable. You are comfortable saying “no” to work that you are not passionate about.

When you are successful in your career, you won’t experience consequences about saying “no.” And you won’t think twice about it.

When you have established yourself in your career, you can say no whenever you need to. You have aligned your time with your personal values.

You know how to set boundaries and you dedicate time to each part of your life.

5. You have a passion and purpose

When you are a success, you know what you want, and you have energy to chase it. You have a passion and purpose. This leads to fulfillment and happiness. 

Happiness leads to more success.

When you are passionate about what you do, the work feels lighter, the workdays feel shorter, and you feel energized in other parts of your life. You feel like you are operating on all cylinders. You have taken very positive steps.

Bringing it all together

There are five main signs that you have a successful career.

  • You have developed a lot of marketable skills and certifications
  • Your days fly by
  • Your colleagues will help you
  • You say “no” to others and don’t feel bad about it
  • You have a passion and purpose

Remember, success doesn’t lead to happiness, but happiness leads to success. When you think about your career success, think about your happiness and momentum.

Both are big factors in measuring your success. Once you build your momentum in your career and start growing it, you gain a major advantage.